IRS Continues to Be Worked Up Over ID Theft

IRS recently released its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams, to alert taxpayers to be on guard.  And ID theft is prominently cited.

In fiscal 2014, IRS initiated 1,063 ID theft related investigations, and Criminal Investigation enforcement efforts resulted in 748 sentencings – an increase of 75% over the prior year.

In an effort to help victims, IRS has issued approximately 1.5 million Identity Protection PINs (IP PINS).  The IP PIN is a unique, six digit number that is assigned annually to victims of identity theft with resolved cases for use when filing their federal tax return.  The IP PIN will allow these individuals to avoid delays in filing returns and receiving refunds.

Go to for IRS Fact Sheet 2015-1 and Fact Sheet 2015-2 for more info.