Northwest Real Estate Connections Radio Features Nolo Author Ilona Bray

sell1_1_1Check out the April 1 (no joke!) edition of Northwest Real Estate Connections Radio, with hosts David and Patricia Wangsness, for an interview with Ilona Bray (otherwise known as “me”), author of various Nolo real estate products including the recently released Selling Your House: Nolo’s Essential Guide.

The show opens with David and Patricia’s insights regarding the current state of the real estate market, including some not-to-be-missed tips for first-time home buyers. My favorite: Don’t buy furniture on credit before the closing, which could damage your credit rating and interfere with final approval of your loan. And another good one, which I’m sure there’s a story or two behind: Don’t file for divorce before the closing.

My conversation with David and Patricia covered home-selling strategies, including getting to know your local market, being careful not to leap at all-cash offers if the cash is coming from outside the U.S., the pros and cons of getting a professional land survey done before the closing, and more.