Sad That Summer’s Ending? At Least Home Burglaries Should Go Down!

BurglarI just came across an interesting report from the U.S. Department of Justice, indicating that the rate of home burglaries is significantly and consistently higher in summer than in the other three seasons of the year.

The report didn’t explain the reasons, but we can easily guess: Many homeowners take vacations during summer and leave their homes empty for days or weeks at a time; more people are typically out on the street during summer, providing cover for burglars hanging around to watch patterns of activity in the neighborhood; and, of course, no sensible burglar wants to, say, climb a ladder into a house during a rainstorm, or leave footprints in the snow.

Fortunately, Nolo has a number of helpful articles on how to protect your property from burglary, including:

You’ll especially want to read these if you’re planning any late-summer vacations! (Have a lovely trip.)