Has Your Nonprofit Filled Out the 2015 Global NGO Online Technology Survey Yet?

pic2I just attended a webinar led by Heather Mansfield, expert and researcher extraordinaire in the field of utilizing mobile and social media to raise money and visibility for charitable organizations. Among the choice bits of info she provided were:

  • Social media has become a MAJOR force in online fundraising, with 95% of nonprofits having established a presence on Facebook, and a goodly number using Twitter and LinkedIn, as well. It’s no longer a question of, “Should we market our organization through social media?” but how to do it best.
  • Photos make a huge difference in whether your social media content catches readers’ interest. On Facebook, photos can produce up to 4X more engagement than links. But you’ll want to make sure they look good, and that you take steps in advance to properly format them. On Twitter, entries containing properly sized photos (800 x 400 pixels) get retweeted up to 3X more than tweets with cropped photos.
  • It’s possible to overdo your social media chatter. The biggest reason that people unlike a Facebook Page is because they perceive the organization to be sending out too many posts. A total of four to five Facebook posts per week (or even less) may be sufficient, while you’ll want to tweet or retweet once every one or two hours.

That’s just a taste, and Ms. Mansfield is not done gathering information. She is part of the first — that’s right, first — worldwide survey of nonprofit organizations regarding their use of social media and other online technology. More than 1,000 NGOs worldwide have already weighed in. Don’t miss your chance to complete the 2015 Global NGO Online Technology Survey!