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We’re Reflecting on 40 Years

Nolo 40th Anniversary LogoAs we prepare to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we offered our authors and editors the opportunity to reflect on how the law has developed in their specialties. Over the next twelve weeks, you will hear from some of Nolo’s most prolific contributors about the topics that launched our business, from divorce to landlord/tenants and beyond.

We hope you enjoy these candid takes on where the law has been and where it might be headed.

Introducing the Nolo Law Office

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest product: The Nolo Law Office! We know attorneys are busy running their legal practice and so we want to make their job easier. The Nolo Law Office is a complete online resource for practicing attorneys.

What can attorneys do with the Nolo Law Office? They can download legal forms, keep up to date on legal areas outside their expertise, and learn how to market their firm effectively. Some features of the Nolo Law Office include:

●      Over 300 legal forms across all practice areas

●      Over 150 e-books on various legal topics

●      Numerous legal articles (content you can use to market your practice)

●      Unlimited use of our best-selling online applications: Nolo’s Online Will and Living Trust

●      Webinar archive (topics so far include social media, SEO, niche practice development)

Specifically designed for the small firm and solo practitioner attorney, the Nolo Law Office membership plan is an additional resource for attorneys, whatever their expertise, to better represent the consumer, to practice law more easily, and to market and grow their practice.

For more information about a listing in the Nolo Lawyer Directory and/or access to the Nolo Law Office, please call 1-877-NOLO-LAW (665-6529), or visit us online at Nolo.com/lawyers/.

Fresh Off the Press: Make Your Own Living Trust

Fresh Off the Press! Put the Law on Your Child’s Side With Our New IEP Guide

Check out Nolo’s newest edition of The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child by Attorney Lawrence M. Siegel.

Federal law guarantees every child an appropriate education, and the goal of the Individual Education Program (IEP) is to assure that every child with special needs receives what the law promises. This powerful new book  – now in its 7th edition -guides parents through this sometimes confusing process.


Issues covered in The Complete IEP Guide include how to:

  • Arrange the best evaluation and assessments
  • Develop you child’s ideal educational program and services
  • Win disputes with school districts

The 7th edition reflects the latest laws and court decisions and provides key forms, sample letters and resources that you need at any stage of the IEP process. With it you can create a plan that meets your child’s needs-and lays the groundwork for future school years.

Get all the answers in The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Needs Child by Lawrence M. Siegel (Nolo).

Nolo Author Fred Hertz Keeps Huffington Post Readers Informed on Divorce Issues

Nolo author and superstar, Fred Hertz, keeps Huffington Post readers informed as a mega-hit divorce blogger. Check out Fred’s most recent posts on infidelity, gay divorce in New Mexico, and more.

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