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Understanding the constantly shifting dynamics of the legal field, Nolo routinely looks to keep pace with what’s changing around us. Here, you can find out exactly how we are accomplishing this goal. From major website developments to business acquisitions, find out what’s happening – and what we’re planning next – right here.

Nolo’s New Contracts Book: Don’t Make a Deal Without It

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to the Nolo bookstore: Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference, by Nolo author and attorney Rich Stim (of Dear Rich fame) is the first desk reference of contract terms written specifically with non-lawyers in mind. While contracts have become an integral part of everyday life, very few of  Continue Reading »

Late-Life Divorce: When 50 is the New Single

Divorce is never easy, but couples who decide to end their marriage a little later in life need to be prepared to face some unique challenges, all stemming from one fact: There is simply less time to recover financially when you divorce after 50. For older people, this reality can put a more urgent spotlight  Continue Reading »