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Nolo is proud to be considered the premier site for go-to consumer legal information. Find out the newest announcements from Nolo here – from site-wide updates to must know product information – THIS is the place to learn everything you need to know about what’s new with Nolo.

“What would you say ya do here?”

A lot goes into a web site, particularly one that’s trying to provide as much useful information as Nolo does.  But all of that information doesn’t do anyone any good unless they can get to it. If you have a question about a legal matter (or most anything, these days), what’s the first thing you  Continue Reading »

Platform Update: The New Lawyer Profile

Our new lawyer platform is live! The update allows lawyers to increase their presence across our network of websites with an improved profile design that’s friendly and easy to manage. Here’s a peek at our fresh new look: We gave users the ability to self-edit their profiles which in turn gives them complete control over  Continue Reading »

Take Nolo’s Legal IQ Quiz!

Are you a legal lightweight on the scales of justice, or could you show Judge Judy a thing or two? Take Nolo’s Legal IQ Quiz and put your knowledge of the law to the test — 10 true/false questions, with answers and explanations at the end. No peeking.

Nolo Mourns Passing of Author Stephen Elias

Stephen R. Elias, an important and beloved part of the Nolo family for more than 30 years, died last week after a heart attack. He was 70. His passing is a great loss to Nolo and to the communities and movements to which Steve gave so much. Steve was a part of Nolo almost since  Continue Reading »

20,000 Librarians Descend on New Orleans

We had a great time exhibiting ALA’s annual conference in New Orleans this year! Of course, we wanted to set up Cafe Du Nolo and serve extra sugary beignets but it turns our new books The Legal Answer Family Book and The Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising brought an equally satisfying number of librarians to seek  Continue Reading »