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Find out Nolo’s featured events here, from in house seminars to legal expos, this is the place to find out when and where something is building at Nolo.

Nolo is Thankful For Your Support…So Let Us Help YOU Through the Holidays!

With Nolo’s 40th Anniversary approaching, we want to give thanks to our dedicated customers. While the holidays are a joyous time, they can also be hectic! If you happen to find yourself in a stressful situation this season, let Nolo manuever you through all of the legal, business and financial, i.e. life issues. Or, if you just want to find up-to-date information for small business owners, nonprofits, landlords or  Continue Reading »

Using SEO to Attract New Clients: Free Webinar for Attorneys

Don’t miss Nolo’s SEO webinar this Thursday.  Nolo founder Ralph Warner and Justia founder Tim Stanley will address the most important aspects of search engine optimization for lawyers, and answer your pressing questions regarding on-line legal marketing. Learn how to increase your online visibility, generate more traffic, and get more clients from your website. Gain  Continue Reading »

Nolo Lists 40 Greatest Documents in American History

As we approach our 40th birthday, we’re looking back–not just at our own past, but at milestones in America’s legal history. The patriotic team of lawyer-editors here at Nolo have named what they consider the greatest legal documents in American history. They’ve carefully chosen the 40 speeches, 40 documents, 40 laws, 40 landmark Supreme Court  Continue Reading »

Nolo Loves Librarians (and Vice Versa)!

American Association of Law Libraries recently held their Western Pacific Chapter Annual Meeting (AALL Westpac) in San Francisco on Oct. 14-16 . Nolo was lucky enough to help kick off the event and host an excursion to its facilities in nearby Berkeley. 20 law librarians participated in touring Nolo’s offices and warehouse, and numerous law  Continue Reading »