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3 More FREE Books Added Online!

Did you know that you can read selected Nolo books online for free? Well, you can! Visit our Free Books section for a list of our free, newest edition titles. Check out the 3 recent adds: Living Together, The Sharing Solution and Fiance & Marriage Visas. Keep an eye out for more books in the  Continue Reading »

Nolo Launches New Press Room

Nolo debuts its brand new Press Room page this month.  Visit the Press Room for recent articles about the company and our website, products and authors. Press includes legal, financial and business outlets, consumer-friendly magazines,  nationally recognized news providers and various other media outlets. Our readers (and their followers) acknowledge the need for Nolo, so read all about us!

Nolo Lists 40 Greatest Documents in American History

As we approach our 40th birthday, we’re looking back–not just at our own past, but at milestones in America’s legal history. The patriotic team of lawyer-editors here at Nolo have named what they consider the greatest legal documents in American history. They’ve carefully chosen the 40 speeches, 40 documents, 40 laws, 40 landmark Supreme Court  Continue Reading »

DUI/DWI Laws In Your State: Nolo Adds 51 New Articles

In California it’s called DUI (driving under the influence), while in states like Minnesota and MIssouri it’s known as DWI (driving while intoxicated). Places like Iowa and Wisconsin call it OWI (operating while intoxicated). No matter the name of the offense, the trend is toward tougher enforcement policies and harsher penalties, from longer driver’s license  Continue Reading »

Nolo Books Online: Three for Free

Three more, that is. Nolo is happy to announce three additions to a growing collection of full-length books available online for FREE (everyone’s favorite four letter f-word). They’re three of Nolo’s most popular books, and now every chapter and every last helpful tidbit are yours to browse and peruse online. Check them out now: Save  Continue Reading »