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3 More FREE Books Added Online!

Did you know that you can read selected Nolo books online for free? Well, you can! Visit our Free Books section for a list of our free, newest edition titles.

Check out the 3 recent adds: Living Together, The Sharing Solution and Fiance & Marriage Visas. Keep an eye out for more books in the future!

Nolo Books Online: Three for Free

Three more, that is. Nolo is happy to announce three additions to a growing collection of full-length books available online for FREE (everyone’s favorite four letter f-word). They’re three of Nolo’s most popular books, and now every chapter and every last helpful tidbit are yours to browse and peruse online. Check them out now:

  • Save Your Small Business – For small business owners, tough economic times mean making tough decisions to stay on the path to short-term survival and long-term success. Get no-nonsense advice from Nolo.
  • 8 Ways to Avoid Probate – When it comes to estate planning, all the experts will tell you to “avoid probate.” If you’re like a lot of people, you wonder not only why you should avoid probate, but also, just what IS probate? This book answers both questions.
  • Beat Your Ticket – if you’ve gotten a ticket you don’t think you deserve, you don’t need to just give up and pay the fine (and the court fees, and the higher insurance bill). Follow this guide and fight the good fight.

We’ll be adding more Nolo titles to our library of free online books — reliable and in plain non-legalese English as always, and now available free and at your fingertips. You can always check Nolo.com for the latest additions.

Read Nolo Books Online — Free!

The latest editions of some of Nolo’s most popular books are now available online for free. Whether you want to read cover-to-cover or just browse each title’s table of contents for specific information, Nolo’s free online books are a valuable addition to our expanding collection of free legal information.

Check out these helpful books from Nolo — reliable and understandable as always, now available free and at your fingertips:

  • Renters’ Rights – From minor property repairs to major disputes over rent and security deposits, an in-depth guide to everything renters need to know.
  • The Foreclosure Survival Guide – If you’re facing foreclosure, this free book can help you understand and navigate your best options.
  • Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court – Preparing for your day in court is the key to winning, and this free book tells you everything you need to do before you walk through the courthouse door.

Check back soon for new additions to our collection of free online books, all part of Nolo’s goal of making reliable, plain-English legal information as widely available as possible.