Facing an HOA Foreclosure? Get State-Specific Information From Nolo

Map of USAIs your homeowner’s association (HOA) or condominium association (COA) foreclosing on your home? Or are you struggling to make HOA dues and assessments and fear you will soon be in foreclosure? Turn to Nolo to find the information you need.

Learn About HOAs and HOA Foreclosures

In Nolo’s new HOA foreclosure section, you’ll find articles on

  • what constitutes an HOA assessment
  • the importance of your CC&Rs
  • what an HOA lien is and when an HOA or COA can foreclose on a lien
  • defenses to HOA foreclosures
  • how an HOA foreclosure will affect your credit score, and
  • when you might be able to get your home back after an HOA foreclosure.

And if your question is more specific, check out the Q&A section, which answers some of the more common questions people have about HOA foreclosures. For example, did you know that an HOA can foreclose on your home if you get behind in dues, even if you’re current on your mortgage payments? And that if your state provides a right of redemption, you might be able to get your home back after an HOA foreclosure?

State-Specific HOA Foreclosure Information

When you get down to the nitty-gritty of HOA and COA foreclosure procedure, state law governs.  Nolo recently published a 50-state article series on HOA foreclosures (it includes the District of Columbia too). Click on your state’s link to find your state-specific HOA foreclosure article. You’ll learn about:

  • what types of charges the HOA or COA can include in its lien
  • what the HOA or COA must do before foreclosing on its lien (for example, in some states it must record the lien in the county records office)
  • whether your state allows for HOA super liens
  • what notice procedures the HOA or COA must follow before foreclosing
  • whether the HOA has a limited period of time to foreclose on the lien (called the statute of limitations), and
  • where to find the statutes that cover HOA and COA foreclosures in your state.