Consumer protectionThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released it’s 2012 Top Ten Consumer Complaints report. In this annual report, the FTC reports on the number of consumer complaints made to it and other government agencies (such as the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

According to the report, 18% of all 2012 consumer complaints ¬†were related to identity theft. Of those identify theft complaints, a whopping 43% derived from some sort of wage or tax fraud. This marks the 13th year that identify theft topped the FTC’s list. (To learn about identity theft and how to protect yourself from it, visit Nolo’s Identity Theft topic area.)

The other categories of complaints that made it to the top ten list are:

Debt collection — 10% of all complaints

Banks and lenders — 6%

Shop-at-home and catalog sales — 6%

Prizes, sweepstakes, and lotteries — 5%

Imposter scams — 4%

Internet services — 4%

Auto-related — 4%

Telephone and mobile services — 4%

Credit cards — 3%

(For information on common consumer scams, visit Nolo’s Consumer Protection area.)

In the FTC press release, you can find a link to the actual report.