This is the first blog post in our new series, Ask Leon, where bankruptcy expert Leon Bayer will answer real-life bankruptcy questions from consumers.

Dear Leon,

I have a credit card in my name on my father’s credit card account. If I file for bankruptcy, will this freeze his card or affect him in any other way? The credit card account is his — he pays the bills.

 — Sandy

Dear Sandy,

The best way to avoid trouble is for your father to take you off the credit card account until your bankruptcy is fully completed and the case is closed. After that, your dad should be able to add you right back on the account.

If you file for bankruptcy while you are affiliated with his credit card account, there is a major risk that the credit card issuer will close the account, even if your father keeps it current. That could hurt your father’s credit, and deny both of you future access to that source of credit.

— Leon

Guest blogger Leon Bayer practices bankruptcy law in Los Angeles, California.  He is a partner at Bayer, Wishman & Leotta.