Late-Life Divorce: When 50 is the New Single

Late-Life Divorce: When 50 is the New Single

Divorce is never easy, but couples who decide to end their marriage a little later in life need to be prepared to face some unique challenges, all stemming from one fact: There is simply less time to recover financially when you divorce after 50. For older people, this reality can put a more urgent spotlight on many of the issues that are common to divorce — everything from dividing assets to putting your health care puzzle back together as a single person.

Late-life divorce also raises questions that younger couples may not need to consider. How can I protect my plan for a retirement that’s right around the corner? How will divorce impact my Social Security income? Do I need to take a new look at my estate plan?

Get all the answers in Divorce After 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal and Financial Challenges by Janice Green (Nolo).

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