Toxic Torts and Unsafe Chemicals: Health Hazards

Toxic Torts and Unsafe Chemicals: Health Hazards

Danger is in the air, even if you can’t see it (or even smell it). The health hazards linked to chemicals like asbestos are fairly well-known, with some workers developing mesothelioma even when their exposure to asbestos occurred decades ago. But lesser-known substances like benzene, beryllium, and silica can be just as deadly. Potential dangers from power lines and wireless technology emissions are only now starting to be understood.

Nolo’s new article series on toxic torts can help you understand the dangers posed by exposure to these chemicals and emissions — and what you can expect if you need to file a “toxic tort” lawsuit for harm linked to these sources and others.

Check out Nolo’s new “Toxic Torts and Unsafe Chemicals” article series:

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