Managing Your Account Access

Managing Your Account Access

A Welcome Email with login information is automatically sent out when your campaign is activated. The email is titled “Welcome to Nolo” and includes your username and a temporary password so you may log in to your dashboard to check the balance on your account, edit your profile, contribute content to our sites, and much more.

We recently implemented a new tab in your account called “Account Access” where you may add additional email addresses to receive leads or assign separate emails as account administrators.

Account management levels are divided into three groups:

  • Email Leads:  lead recipients will receive all leads via email, but will not be able to check the leads within the firm’s dashboard as they won’t have account access.
  • Account Administrator:  the Account Administrator will have their own login and will be able to see everything on the account, with the exception of viewing the leads in the dashboard.
  • Both:  this access level will be able to see all information on the account, as well as receiving lead notifications via email and viewing leads in the dashboard page.

The primary contact will have access to both leads and account administration.  The access level for the primary contact may not be edited; however, you may edit the name or change the email address.

Users that are granted Account Administrator access will receive an email with their username and a temporary password for account access.  They will be receiving that email from [email protected].  Please add this email address to your address book or safe list as this will ensure our e-mail communications get delivered properly to your inbox.

If in any case an Account Administrator forgets his/her login information, they will be able to reset their password by following these simple instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Forgot your password?” link.
  3. Type in your email address (AKA username), and click submit.

An email will be sent to you momentarily with your new login information.  To change your password, go to the “Dashboard” tab, and click on the “Edit Password” link located next to your dashboard photo.

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