Online Places to Do Holiday Shopping for a Cause

Online Places to Do Holiday Shopping for a Cause

holiday lightsA shout-out to Nonprofit Tech for Good for compiling a list of 30 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits, just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season.

My family could have used this the year I announced (in classic Berkeley style) that I wanted to reduce consumerism and overconsumption by having us give and get only gifts from nonprofits that year.

I think I confused them. I received things like shrunken wool sweaters from Goodwill.

Perhaps, like many people I’ve met, they have no idea what a nonprofit actually is. Fortunately, Nolo has an answer for that.

But the technical definition can’t possibly reflect the great variety of nonprofits that exist in the U.S., from service organizations with an online store on the side to museums and hospitals to Goodwill and its ilk.

You’ll find all of those on the list above, plus a few websites that are dedicated to selling goods and then forwarding the profits to various nonprofit organizations and causes.

Now, if only I could try on one of those beanies . . . .

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