Election Day: Do I Get Time off Work to Vote?

Election Day: Do I Get Time off Work to Vote?

By Aaron Hotfelder

If you haven’t already cast a ballot through your state’s early voting process, you might be wondering whether you’ll get time off work to vote on Election Day.

In most states, workers receive at least a couple hours off to cast a ballot—unless they have enough time to vote during nonworking hours. Whether hours taken off to vote are paid or unpaid depends on the state. For example, Colorado allows up to two hours of paid time off, except for workers who have three non-work hours when polls are open.

Some states require employees to request the time off in advance or to show proof that they actually voted—but many employers don’t insist on these requirements.

To find out about the rules in your state, you can read about state voting leave laws and check the statutes for any recent changes. You can also contact your state’s labor department or local board of elections.

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