Practical Information on Dealing With a COVID-19 World

Practical Information on Dealing With a COVID-19 World

By now, we’ve all had one of those post-COVID-19 moments: You’re half asleep, or thinking about something else, then open your eyes wide and think, “Uh oh, what am I going to do about . . . . ”

You can fill in the blank. Maybe it’s claiming time off work, dealing with rent that’s coming due without any source of income, or looking into whether it was legal for your employer to let you go in the first place. If you’ve got family overseas, or had planned to travel, your questions might have to do with cross-border or immigration matters.

Fortunately, Nolo’s team of attorneys and editors is working hard (in remote and undisclosed locations, of course) to answer such questions. You’ll find collected information on a page called COVID-19: The Law and Your Legal Rights During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

In some situations, the answers are clear from existing laws. California, for example, has a law that forbids price gouging after a state of emergency has been declared; as Governor Newsom has done in response to the coronavirus situation.

In other situations, new laws or policies are being developed, either by the federal government or state by state. Nolo will continue updating and adding to this page as changes happen.

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