How to Raise Money From People Who Hate Your Cause

Have you heard of StickK yet? It’s a free Web service developed by Yale economics profs to help people lose weight, quit smoking, or reach some other personal goal. The concept is that people are more likely to act on their commitment if they put some money on the line. StickK facilitates that by taking their credit card number, and then sending their money to charity if the goal isn’t met (as witnessed by a personally chosen referee).

But here’s the fun part. Participants can choose to give their money to an “anti-charity” if they fail in their efforts.

In other words, someone worried about gun violence might be faced with the choice of losing ten pounds or forfeiting money to the NRA.  The list of “anti-charities” on StickK’s list is at

So maybe this isn’t the best way of expanding your donor base. But if you’re doing controversial work, you might want to get in touch with the folks at StickK!