Focus on Finding Good Photos to Show Your Nonprofit’s Work

Here’s a subject that doesn’t get the attention it deserves: The importance of having great photo visuals in your marketing, fundraising, and other published or printed materials. Christy Wiles, Marketing Manager at PhotoPhilanthropy, both discusses the topic and provides fabulous examples of powerful photo images in her recent article, “Visual Storytelling for Nonprofits.”

As someone who’s owned a camera since childhood, but been too lazy to get beyond the basic point-and-shoot, I can attest to the fact that there are limitations to what any amateur can do. I’ve taken a lot of photos at nonprofit events, which usually look either like disorganized crowd scenes, or look posed. Take the below, for instance: a fundraising bake sale, showing a lot of cement, weeds, and people’s backsides. It was a fun event, but the picture isn’t going to move anyone to tears!

(Want to know how professional photographers get those great candid close-ups? It’s with a humongous telephoto lens, so that the subject isn’t necessarily aware of the photographer’s presence.) Sometimes, you just need to hire a pro.