Entered the Guidestar-KIMBIA 2011 Giving Season Giveaway Yet?

Yes, you’ve got plenty to do, what with year-end appeals and trying to squeeze in some personal time for holiday planning. But, look: Your nonprofit could win $5,000! Here are the Guidestar rules for it’s 2011 giveaway.

In brief, your group needs to be a 501(c)(3) with an up-to-date GuideStar Exchange Seal, which it received on or before November¬†15, 2011. Next, you need to get the word out to your supporters, to donate through Guidestar’s KIMBIA widget.

My first thought was, “Well, the big groups with lots of supporters will clean up here,” until I saw which group was in first place on November 18: Golden Gate Bassett Rescue. No doubt a great group, but hardly a household word. So, you’ve still got a shot . . . .

And if you missed the boat on registering for the Exchange Seal, put this task on your January, 2012 calendar. It’s another chance to have your group profiled online, with a trusted source of information for potential donors and so forth.