Fundraising Kudos to: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Remember that flood of emails that ended just a few days ago, from every nonprofit you’d ever had contact with, containing urgent subject lines like: “Only a few days left to donate!” “Last chance!” “24 hours left!” and so forth?

You’d think that donors were motivated only by tax deductions, or that the nonprofits were going to stop accepting donations the minute the ball dropped and 2012 began. (As if.)

So it was refreshing to receive a simple “Thank You” email from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, containing a video reminder of the work that they do. (I don’t usually even click to watch videos, but they’ve got the advantage that bird and wildlife footage is fun to watch.) They didn’t even ask for money, which was just fine by me. It brought them to the top of the stack in terms of charities I’ll pay attention to in the coming here.

And here’s the video itself: Holiday Thank You and Video Dec 24, 2011