Will This Be Your Nonprofit’s Year to Develop a Great Social Media Presence?

Here’s some inspiring help from Laura Quinn of Idealware, guest blogging for Nancy Schwartz  (on Getting Attention). Quinn’s article, “Strengthen Your Nonprofit Social Media Impact,” breaks down the planning process into bite-sized pieces, and helps you figure out how to get into a habit of continuous communication without getting overwhelmed.

The only thing I’d add to the list is to start following the social media pages of other nonprofits you respect. Tasks that Quinn recommends, such as defining your organization’s voice and providing interesting content even when you’re not in the middle of a particular campaign, will be easier to do if you can model your organization, or distinguish it from, others that you’re observing.

And for more on when and whether this social media presence might lead to donations, see Nolo’s article, “Social Networks as Fundraisers (or Friendraisers) for Your Nonprofit.”