Four Weeks Until the Weakest Fundraising Month: April

According to projections by Atlas of Giving, April of 2012 will be the weakest fundraising month for all types of charities except those working on arts and environmental issues. (See their 2011 U.S. Report.)

Why? The report authors don’t say, but I’d bet my tax deductions it has something to do with April 15th. People’s attention will be elsewhere, and many will be bemoaning having to write a certain large check.

The group’s advice is to reschedule your solicitations and events to March. Which, uh, starts tomorrow. Killing yourself to hurry up your solicitations and events probably isn’t such a good idea. For one thing, (as I discussed in The Volunteers’ Guide to Fundraising‘), planning for an event of any significance should start months in advance.

So, maybe you should just kick back, and push your major plans to September . . . which, according to Atlas of Giving, is supposed to be a banner month for U.S. fundraising.