The Positive Side of Re-Giving

Last year, donor Bill Knight paid $12,000 at a charity event for a guitar autographed by Gene Simmons of Kiss — and later donated it to another charity for auction. This year, he paid $20,000 for another Gene Simmons-autographed guitar. He plans to give this one away to charity, too. (See “Kids With Cancer Society sets $300,000 fundraising record.)

What a great tradition! It makes you wonder you many memorabilia items are sitting in donor’s houses that they’ve enjoyed for a while — and are maybe ready to pass that ownership thrill onto someone else. (It also makes you wonder how many more Gene Simmons guitars Bill Knight will buy. Stay tuned for next year’s auction . . . .)

No need to wonder, however, whether this picture shows a Gene Simmons guitar. It doesn’t.