Fundraising Kudos to: ARC’s “Dark Shadows” Collaboration

As someone who faints dead away if anyone bearing a needle removes even a drop of my blood, I bow in awe of the heroes and heroines who — willingly! — donate their blood.

But I also had to laugh when I saw a friend sporting not only a red bandage on her arm after giving blood, but this “Give blood” sticker.

Yes, Dark Shadows is a vampire movie. (With Johny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer no less!) Vampires like blood. People need blood. Get it?

It’s offbeat, but humor is a great way to bring attention to a nonprofit’s cause. And, as in the ideal collaboration, both the nonprofit and the business gain. I’m assuming that the movie folks helped underwrite the ARCs efforts in some way; reports have it they at least donated some movie tickets to be raffled off to blood donors.

As for benefit to the business, I, and probably anyone who saw these stickers, will remember the name of this movie a lot longer than we would have otherwise.  (But will I go see it? Hmm, I’m not crazy about the sight of blood, either, even if it might be on Johny Depp’s lips.)