Newly in Print: Fourth Edition of Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits

effn4_2I almost forgot to announce this — but don’t worry, the midnight lines of eager purchasers haven’t completely depleted the stock of this latest edition of Nolo’s all-around guide, Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits.

Some exciting features of this new edition include simple explanations of how “search engine optimization” can help bring Web searchers to your nonprofit’s website; new information on how to use crowdfunding to augment your fundraising efforts; new stories from fundraising practitioners, such as the development folks at Rosie’s Place in Boston describing their holiday card-sales program; the latest IRS tax figures relevant to your work; and much more.

Should everyone involved in nonprofit fundraising buy this book? No! This book is specifically aimed at nonprofits that are fairly grassroots, but nevertheless large enough to have staff members whose responsibilities include development. If you are with an even smaller nonprofit or one with no full-time staff, such as a P.T.A., church or temple, or musical group, you’ll be better served by reading Nolo’s book, The Volunteers’ Guide to Fundraising.