Shoutout to All the Nonprofits Providing Thanksgiving Services

CAKEThe degree to which nonprofits have become a backbone of American society is never clearer than on holidays such as Thanksgiving — for those who realize what a nonprofit is, at least.

Many people forget how many organizations are run based purely on love, donations, and volunteer labor. Such organizations may not get to fold up their tents while others enjoy a vacation. In fact, their services may be more important than ever, as they provide:

  • medical treatment to people in need
  • Thanksgiving meals to the hungry and the incarcerated
  • shelter for those needing a break from the ever-colder weather or from domestic violence
  • care for animals awaiting adoption
  • hotlines and support groups for people in difficult straits, and
  • much more.

They’re during it during a tough year economically, too, with donations down, and headlines announcing things like, “Nonprofits face turkey-free Thanksgiving.

I’m taking a moment to be truly thankful for the open hearts and determined spirits of the people who join together on such projects. (And I’ll be putting in a couple of hours at my local animal shelter, too.) Happy Thanksgiving!