Is Public Speaking Part of Your Job at a Nonprofit?

radio_mikeAmong the many skills required of nonprofit executive directors, development directors, and board members, public speaking is one that doesn’t receive much discussion.

It is, however, a skill that people in the above roles may have to call on for various reasons: to give a welcoming or fundraising speech at a gala dinner or other event, to address a group of decision-makers at a foundation, to represent your nonprofit at a community fair or other public event, to speak with a radio or television reporter on air, and so on.

So, does public speaking make you nervous? (Or, I should ask, do you suffer from “glossophobia?”) Around three quarters of Americans reportedly do.

If you’re among them, you’ll find no lack of advice on dealing with the topic — everything from breathing exercises to picturing your audience in their underwear. For a simple, straightforward message, however, check out marketing guru Seth Godin’s blog today, titled, “Speaking in public: two errors that lead to fear.”

Godin doesn’t single out nonprofits, but his points couldn’t be more relevant to them. When you focus on the cause, not yourself, and “realize that you have a chance to be generous in this moment, to teach and to lead,” your fears will recede into the background.