Hondurans and Nicaraguans With TPS: Re-Register Now!

If you’re a Honduran or Nicaraguan national in the United States with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), you have the right to extend that status. The new TPS period runs from January 6, 2012, to July 5, 2013.

(By way of reminder, TPS is a designation that the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security may give to people from foreign countries that are undergoing conditions that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, such as war or natural disaster. It allows a temporary right to remain in the U.S., and to work, but does not lead to any sort of permanent status or a green card.)

If you wish to reregister, however, you’ll need to act very soon. The reregistration period ends on January 5, 2012, which is right around the corner.

The reregistration process involves submitting an Application for Temporary Protected Status on Form I-821 and an Application for Employment Authorization on Form I-765.

You must fill out Form I-765 regardless of whether you actually use it to apply for an EAD (work permit). But if you don’t want the work permit, you don’t need to pay the I-765 fee, which is currently $380.

You do not need to pay the Form I-821 application fee, but must submit the biometric services fee (currently $85), or a fee waiver request, if you are age 14 or older.

For more information, see the “Temporary Protected Status” page of the USCIS website.