Diversity Visa Lottery Registration Now Open!

Today’s the day (October 2, 2012) to enter the annual Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2014)! That is, if you’re from one of the eligible countries and have the proper educational or work background, as described in “Do You Meet the Education or Work Experience Requirements of the Diversity Visa Program?

Entries can be made only online, via the State Department’s lottery page. The final day for registering is November 3, 2012 at noon Eastern time.

Registration is free, so don’t be fooled by scam artists wanting to charge money to help you enter! Also be sure to read the articles on the “Diversity Visa Lottery Green Cards” page of Nolo’s website, which will not only provide further information on this topic in plain English, but help you understand what happens if your name is drawn as a “winner.” You’ll need to act quickly in order to turn that winning slot into an actual green card.