DACA Deferred Action Applications Far Fewer Than Expected

The U.S. government predicted that about 1.04 million people would apply for DACA deferred action (for undocumented foreign-born persons who arrived in the U.S. as children) in the first year of the program, according to a Huffington Post report. Thus far, only about 80,000 people have applied, according to a story by immigration blogger Matthew Kolken. What’s more, the intial flood of applications has already turned into a trickle.

What’s going on? It may be that concerns over the risks of applying or the outcome of the election are at work.

For analysis of those topics, see the following articles on Nolo’s website:

Another important step, if you’re considering applying for DACA, would be to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer. The good thing about having waited this long is that lawyers are learning more about the application process every day, and are in ongoing communication with the immigration authorities about how the program is being implemented and how the eligibility rules are being interpreted.