Round Up Post: Social Media

OK, it’s time for another legal marketing round-up, where I update earlier posts with new information and developments.  First up, on the social media front, I came across a great case study at Marketing Profs describing how Florida-based law firm Roberts & Durkee used social media to spread the word about the problems with Chinese drywall. First, the firm quickly got out in front with minimal investment by purchasing a unique URL, Next, the firm created a blog that provided a constant source of updates on new developments and cases. In turn, the site helped attract media and as traffic increased, so too did the site’s SEO. Finally, the firm reinforced its presence by using Twitter and Facebook to disseminate links to the blog. End result? The firm now attracts half of its leads on Chinese drywall from its website and blog. It’s a strategy that any firm can replicate.

If the experience of Roberts & Durkee has inspired you to move forward with social media, Top Rank Blog has a comprehensive checklist that will guide you through the process. These include: 

Definine your objectives. What do you want to achieve with your social media plan? Is your goal to establish presence in a niche and attract clients like Roberts & Durkee? To improve service to existing clients? Your objectives will inform your social media strategy.

Understand your target audience. Do you want to reach consumers? Lawyer colleagues? Business CEOs? Your target audience will also determine which platforms you choose.

Set up the strategy. Roberts & Durkee had a defined strategy – the URL, the blog, the media and reinforcement through Twitter and Facebook. That’s a formula that can work pretty well for any social media campaign, but there are dozens of other iterations as well. Take some time to plot a course that will work for your firm.

Define metrics for evaluating success. Though social media doesn’t cost much, it still involves an investment of time. So you’ll want to constantly re-evaluate to determine whether your social media plan is meeting your goals.

Are you ready to get started?