Round Up Post: Videos and Podcasts

I’ve posted about video here a couple of times – and it’s only continuing to gain traction. The Beloit Daily News describes how several Pittsburgh law firms are using a variety of multi-media, from video to podcasts, to market to prospects and to educate existing clients.

Similarly, at Legal Practice Pro, Jay Fleischman emphasizes the benefits of podcasting. Importantly, since 2006, podcast penetration has doubled, with 23 percent of Americans now listening as compared to just 11 percent four years ago. Moreover, there are more mechanisms that can deliver podcasts, what with ipods and smartphones, in addition to a computer.

Podcasts can also serve double duty: you can tape a podcast and have it transcribed, and circulate the text as an article for clients and prospects who prefer to learn by reading rather than listening.

Bottom line: marketing today has gone multi-media. Lawyers should think about doing the same.