Selling How, Not What, You Practice

When marketing to prospective clients, lawyers focus largely on what they practice. Law firm websites describe what kinds of legal matters you handle, blogs focus on what types of issues you commonly encounter in your area of practice and elevator speeches reduce what you do to a catchy 30 second sound bite.

The trouble with selling what you do is that most clients don’t understand enough to distinguish you from your competitors. You may have achieved great results in the family law or traffic ticket cases that you handle but many other lawyers have too. How’s a client to know whether a victor before a particular judge is more meaningful than a win before another? Likewise, can a client understand that the 4 wins you secured in tough cases are worth far more than the 10 wins another lawyer may have obtained in simple matters.

But though clients may not understand what you do, they’re capable of comprehending how you do it. Some clients may be interested in knowing that you make house calls or can meet with them via Skype or some other kind of online networking system. Or that you send invoices electronically, or routine updates or don’t bill for computerized research services. So tell clients how you practice law, and you’ll work wife them if they retain you.