Check-Up: Hospital Safety Grades Handed Out

A new report on hospital safety shows that more than a few health care facilities need a second opinion when it comes to safe treatment practices and eliminating preventable medical errors.

The study looked at more than 2,600 hospitals, and of those, 790 came home with an “A”, including the Mayo Clinic, New York Presbyterian, Duke University Hospital, and Bellevue Hospital Center.

But nationwide, 25 health care facilities received a failing grade. And as the Los Angeles Times mentions, the prestigious UCLA Medical Center was one of those hospitals whose report card announced the dreaded “F.”

The study was conducted by the nonprofit group Leapfrog, whose focus is on quality and affordable health care. Read a press release from the group here: Leapfrog Group Announces Updated Hospital Safety Scores

It’s no surprise that preventable medical errors and hazardous treatment environments — such as those outlined in Leapfrog’s report — have a pretty close correlation with medical negligence. And when that kind of negligence leads to injuries to patients or a worsening of a patient’s condition, the result can be a viable medical malpractice lawsuit.

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