Allstate this week released its seventh-annual Best Drivers Report, ranking U.S. cities where the best and worst drivers can be found.

For the second year in a row, residents of Fort Collins, Colorado drove away (very cautiously) with top honors as the city where drivers are least likely to experience a car accident. According to Allstate, the average Fort Collins driver will go about 14 years between car accidents.

After Fort Collins, the top five stays midwest-heavy (maybe it’s those wide open spaces):

1. Fort Collins, Colorado

2. Boise, Idaho

3. Lincoln, Nebraska

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

5. Huntsville, Alabama

And the cities where you’re most likely to get into a car accident? Steer clear of the coasts, and if you’re driving our nation’s capital, have your car insurance agent on speed-dial. In Washington D.C., drivers can expect to get into a car accident once every 4.8 years. So, for one-term politicians, getting run out of town may not be all bad.

Here is Allstate’s bottom five:

189. Hartford, Connecticut

190. Newark, New Jersey

191. Glendale, California

192. Baltimore, Maryland

193. Washington, D.C.

Where does your city rank? Check out this press release from, which includes a link to the full report as a PDF file.