Single-Female Homebuying Trend Shows No Sign of Slowing

Fifty years ago, a single woman had trouble even qualifying for a mortgage. Today, National Association of Realtors statistics show that single women account for nearly twice as large a share of the homebuying populace as single men, both for first-time buyers (24% versus 12%) and repeat buyers (17% versus 9%).  Their median age (in both cases) is 41 years, meaning we’re probably looking at both young unmarrieds and the recently divorced.

Ginny Mees gives an interesting rundown of the facts, figures, and history in her article, “The Female Face of Real Estate.”  And if you’re a single woman starting your home search, check out the tips in the Nolo article, “Single-Woman Homebuyers: What to Consider.” It covers issues like affordability, safety, and strategizing for a possible future move or expansion of your household.