Online Mortgage Research Without the Followup Calls

I’m meeting more and more people who are drawing back from, rather than plunging into, online engagement. Perhaps they’re bucking an unstoppable trend, but they want no part of the Internet’s increasing undermining of one’s privacy. The sense of invasion can become particularly acute when the elves of cyberspace figure out that you’re shopping for something — you will see ads in every available pane of your screen until this space gets filled by your next consumer-object-of-desire.

All of this makes shopping online for a mortgage especially perilous, given the big dollars at stake. If you’ve got a mortgage broker you trust, you might skip this step entirely — but how do you double check that your mortgage broker really is getting you the best deal without some online research?

Jack Guttentag (the Mortgage Professor) can’t help you stop all those cyber-elves’ activity withe regard to your Internet privacy, but he has provided a useful table showing which mortgage-comparison websites allow you to do your research anonymously — that is, without entering your name and assuming the very real risk that your phone will start ringing with mortgage offers. His table is part of an article called “6 features you need in a one-stop mortgage shop.” Check it out; it covers other ways to evaluate the various major mortgage websites too, such as based on their price accuracy and provision of value-adding services.