Holding an Easter Open House? Have an Egg Hunt!

Trying to draw visitors to a holiday weekend open house can be a challenge. But the owners of at least one home in Montclair, California (at 6100 Valley View R0ad) decided to turn this challenge to their advantage by announcing an Easter Egg Hunt during the Sunday open house. What better way for parents to get in a little house-hunting while keeping the kids entertained?

Not to mention that including an egg hunt offers visitors a great opportunity to not just look at the house passively, but interact with it, and imagine more fun family activities ahead — once they’ve bought the place and moved in, of course. (Just make sure to have enough eggs on hand, if you don’t want parents noticing instead how their child’s tantrums echo through the grand entry hall.)

In keeping with the holiday spirit, Realtor.com also offered a view of “Five Homes Perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt.” Actually, with all the color splashed around these homes, Easter might be the best time of year for them to sell!