That Drone May Shoot Your House — In a Good Way

earthI was feeling like all real estate news had turned into an endless loop of the same material (c’mon, how many times have we seen that St. Joseph statue story already?) when I came across this item from Paul Hagey and Inman News: “Drones are ready for real estate.”

That’s right, tiny unmanned, remote-controlled helicopters are becoming affordable, and photographers are figuring out how to stabilize them for high-quality pictures and even video,  allowing prospective buyers to see views of your property that you’ve never experienced yourself.

You’ve got to admit, this is cool stuff. Even cooler when you read the part about how not even a normal plane or helicopter can get low enough — in the 300-feet-over-your-house range  —  to take photos with of similarly impressive detail and depth of field.

Of course, not every property will look good from the air. Last time I looked at my house on Google maps, it looked like a square of gray (that being the roof) set against a lot of other gray (those being the neighbors’ roofs and the cement of nearby roads) plus the occasional dot of green (uh oh, I really should prune back that jasmine vine). But the nearby high school swimming pool looks really great.

So if you’ve got a house with a pool, you may want to be an early adopter of this drone method of real estate advertising. The same goes if you’ve got a luxury property that looks more shapely from the air than my little square of gray. Or if you’ve just got a really stunning roof.