Need a Real Estate Theme in Your Holiday Movie Viewing?

holiday lightsLook no farther than White Reindeer.” An indie hit described as a “dark comedy,” the movie features a lonely, pretty real estate agent (“Suzanne”) grieving after the death of her husband. No ordinary death, this one — he was murdered in their home while she was out buying the Christmas tree, in a robbery gone awry, which as she likely knows, makes it a stigmatized property and hard to sell.

Suzanne is falling apart: Christmas was her favorite holiday, and she’s getting nothing but further grief from family and friends. She forms an unlikely connection with the stripper with whom her husband was having an affair. She takes up drinking, cocaine, excessive online shopping (to a degree that will make any home seller resent having paid their agent a 5% commission), and other practices that you hope your real estate agent stays far away from.

The important question is, of course, whether you will learn anything about real estate from this movie? Well, the fact that the agent is pretty is already a lesson — studies have shown that houses sell for more if the selling agent is physically attractive. Beyond that, I don’t know — I’ll have to see it. Or you can see it first and tell me about it.