IRS Behavior Needs Polishing

There is a certain concept known as “professionalism” which the IRS obviously hasn’t embraced.

Seems the Government has recently sent letters (Letter 4809 – Rev 10-2011) to tax preparers (CPAs, in particular) observing that “You are receiving this letter because the returns you prepared for clients during the most recent filing season have a high percentage of attributes associated with returns typically containing inaccuracies and misinterpretations of tax laws.”

Thank you very much for your kind recognition of the fact that CPAs have not only undergone rigorous college (and in many cases postgraduate) education, annually subject themselves to 40 hours per year (or more), typically, of continuing education in order to comply with  state(s) requirements and, in most polls conducted by respected organizations, consistently rate higher than any other professionals as the most ethical of all professional advisors.

The letter goes on…”Tax return preparers are expected to be knowledgeable in tax law and prepare accurate returns while exercising due diligence.”

Thank you, government bureaucrats, for your sage commentary.  We licensees are well aware of our professional requirements.  And we can hardly wait for your visits of “Some tax return preparers who receive this letter beginning in November to confirm compliance with return preparer requirements.”

Your condescending “hope” that this letter has “heightened your awareness of your responsibilites as a tax return preparer and provided you with information on how you can meet your obligations” is most unwelcome.