Pay Day is Looming

That’s right — the inevitable date by which you must pay your taxes is looming — April 17, this year. And in the Internet Age, there’s more than one way to pay — writing a paper check like most folks have done for years is certainly still acceptable, but there are other options.

IRS will actually accept your payment if you choose to make it by credit or debit card. They will tell you that this mechanism is safe and secure, due to all of the procedures built into the technology by the big card companies.
If you choose one of these payment schemes, be aware that in addition to whatever charges (including interest on your unpaid balance) which your card company may charge, there will also be “convenience fees” charged on your card as well. The fees vary by company, and if you’re considering this payment methodology, you should first contact your card company and gain an understanding of just what this glitzy process will cost you overall. And take comfort in the knowledge that IRS does not receive or charge any fees for card payments.

Check out the IRS website at for more details.