IRS Hip to Social Media

As April 15 nears, and many taxpayers scramble for answers from the IRS in connection with filing their returns, more opportunities for contact with Uncle Sam exist that in the past, to include:

  • IRS2Go – a free mobile app through which you can find out about your refund status, and other tax news updates.  This is available for the iPhone, iTouch or Android mobile devices.
  • YouTube – IRS offers video tax tips on a variety of subjects.
  • Twitter – Tweets from @IRSnews provide tax-related announcements and daily tax tips.
  • Podcasts – IRS has short audio recordings that offer one tax-related topic per podcast, available on iTunes or through the IRS Multimedia Center (at
  • Tumblr – A microblogging platform where users can access IRS tax tips, videos, and podcasts.  Tumblr can be accessed from your browser, smartphone, tablet or desktop.