2010 NOLO Highlights

2010 NOLO Highlights

Nolo is excited to kick off 2011 with a recap of 2010’s newsworthy accomplishments!

Nolo’s brand recognition has been achieved over decades of providing consumers with high-quality, usable legal information. With almost no advertising, our products have been continually endorsed and recommended by both traditional and online media. In calender 2009 alone, Nolo products were mentioned in over 1,000 articles and Nolo authors appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. The Washington Post, the  Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, the Library Journal, Kiplinger’s and Accounting Today often cite Nolo as a source of legal information. Nolo has partnered with Intuit, USA TODAY and The Corporation Company among others.

Nolo has appeared in the following publications this past year (and multiple times recently):

  • Forbes – Nov 2010
  • Kiplinger – Dec 2010
  • US News & World Report Money – Oct 2010
  • New York Times – Sept 2010
  • Huffington Post – May 2010
  • Fox Business – Nov 2010
  • Library Journal – Nov 2010
  • Los Angeles Times – Apr 2009
  • MSN Money – Sept 2010
  • CNBC – Nov 2010
  • California Lawyer – Sept 2010

Thank you for making 2010 another great year! Visit our Press Room for links to many of Nolo’s media mentions. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for 2011.

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