OMG, Is It Time to Think About Year-End Appeals?

There’s only the December tiger left to be viewed on my “Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge” calendar, and you all know what that means for nonprofit fundraising. But as a pre-season gift to us all, Nancy Schwartz has drawn up some simple and effective tips for using emails for year-end appeals in her “Getting Attention” blog.

The sample list of other nonprofits’ email taglines alone is worth the article. Nancy is too polite to say it, but some of those subject lines sound really tired — would anyone really be intrigued enough to open something that just says “Tonight,” or “An important message?” And she’s apparently not on the email list that I am where the nonprofit continually tells me “We still need larger donors,” to which I mentally reply, “I’m not large enough yet, thank you.”

Email is great for regular, timely communication, but at this time of the year, if the subject line doesn’t convey some intriguing substance, no one is going to open the email.