Online Fundraising, Then and Now

If you had a funny feeling that online fundraising had come into its own while no one noticed the changeover, below is visual confirmation from Network for Good. It’s called “10-Year Evolution of the Online Donor.”










One of the most interesting bits is that asterisk next to the gift level, which is one of the few figures that declined — from $226 to $73. But as the small print points out, online giving has “gone mainstream” — in other words, it’s not just a few tech-savvy people making carefully considered gifts anymore, but it’s people who hear about a cause they like and want to show quick support, friends soliciting friends through networks like Facebook, and so on.

In line with this new reality, reviewing your nonprofit’s website to make sure it’s ready for potential donors might be good to add to that New Year’s resolution list. You’ll find tips in the free article, “Your Nonprofit’s Website as a Fundraising Tool.”