Fundraising Kudos to: SF Mime Troupe’s “Adopt a Bill” Appeal

Nonprofits try all manner of modes of explaining their financial need and how donations can move them from desperation to success.

But perhaps no financial appeal I’ve seen lately is so direct as the San Fransisco Mime Troupe’s “Adopt a Bill” appeal. It’s sort of a wish list on steroids. The troupe (which, BTW, does political theater in Bay Area parks, not mime) simply listed some of the debts it has coming due — with humorous explanations, so that any reader can see that bad luck, rather than bad planning, was the cause of some of its need for cash infusions.

There were, for example, the “surprise truck repairs,” and “GENERATOR RENTAL, because ours got sick and had to see the doc.

Better yet, the group updates the page as donations come in, and thanks each bill’s adopters.

The only catch seems to be that nobody, so far, seems inspired by the idea of paying for portapotties or Parks & Rec permits. (But imagine the  complaints if the portapotties weren’t there!)